Can we heal from sexual assault?

Claudia Rose

6/11/20231 min read

red rose with droplets
red rose with droplets

Can we truly heal from sexual assault? I used to believe that I would never grow beyond my own experience as it was as novel as it was traumatic. I thought that therapy would “fix” me. Perhaps alcohol would drown out what I felt was wrong in my head. I thought that immersion might help at one point as well.

When we experience traumatic events such as these, we build walls around parts of ourselves. I remember believing that I was experiencing love, sex, therapy and everything in between. However, I was experiencing them from inside my glass menagerie that was created by my assault. My body and mind could participate, but the real me wasn’t there.

The universe is funny though. I was sent a man who was able to sneak past these walls. I’m not certain of how he did it. He was the only person who has ever been able to stand face to face with my true self. Having a person who can stand behind your walls is rare. They are able to heal you in ways you cannot comprehend. I suppose I am lucky as I had someone who placed together many of the broken pieces of me.

If you are struggling to truly experience all life has to offer after sexual assault, you may have these walls. I was blessed by the universe with a person who could see into me and give me what I needed at the time. You can be that person for yourself. You can get beyond your own walls with self-reflection, journaling, meditation and therapeutic intervention.

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