Healing Journal- 7.26.2021

Journal Excerpt


Claudia Rose

6/16/20231 min read

brown pencil on white book page
brown pencil on white book page

Come live in my world where we release the fears that held us back, pushed us down and put us in boxes. We are rising above the hateful whispers of mothers and friends. No longer will the voices in our heads echo words uttered by angry lovers.

We live in a world we create. A world full of warmth, light and abundance. We live in a world where we are worthy of love and affection we so freely give away to others. In this world, when we ask, it is given without question or condition. There are no future debts to be paid for love. We are whole and worthy of love and receiving.

In this world, raised voices are met with kind words and firm boundaries. This is because we see our old selves in your mirror, but never wish to trade places In this world, we heal before we seek others and their hearts. We never bleed on those who did not cut us. In this world, we think before we speak because reactions are taught by trauma. We take care of each others' feelings. We forgive even the most hurtful betrayals. Yes, even the ones that make us cry and ache in the depth of our chests. We release this pain, piece by piece because those actions had little to do with us. We know we cannot be invested in how someone feels about themselves, nor how that manifests in their actions towards us.