Karaoke etc.

How we deal

Claudia Rose

8/14/20231 min read

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My brother asked me to access his Spotify playlist so we could listen to it during our phone conversations. His cognition has declined badly this week from not eating. He says he can't remember any of his favorite songs past the first verse. I will help him. I tell him we will listen to Bob Seger and Neil Young forever if he wants.

He won't or he can't eat anything while he's in this jail. The news video airs for the entire tri-state area. They see a criminal. We all see a sweet boy who has lost 20 pounds and is struggling mentally. I can't quite bear the weight of what I know is coming.

My brother and I reminisce on our childhood. We wish together that we'd spent more time at karaoke. We attempt to unlock drunken memories and make up hilarious impossibilities. We make up guesses that prove we have a telepathic connection. When he gets out, we are going to get drinks here and there. We make promises to see movies together and forego seeing them until the other can make the time. You can call this cruelty or comfort. For us, this is love.